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Team Portland

5 tuntia naiset kakkonen

Team Portland

This was only my second time ever doing bike rogaining so while my performance was very poor I had a really good time. I planned a counter-clockwise route and I felt like I did have enough time to plan. Unfortunately, I ran into two problems that affected my performance:

1. I was running late by the time I got to the northeast corner of the map (I realized my situation at rasti 84). But at that point, there was no quick "emergency" return to the finish because the road roughly between rastis 77 and 89 was off-limits, forcing me to go up through the extremely slow (on a gravel bike) area by rastis 96/46/56/etc. If I could have gone on the road instead, I think I would have been on time. Or, in retrospect, I could have turned around at rasti 84 and returned clockwise on the roads I'd already ridden. I wish the road between 77 and 89 would have been open - better access to the aid station and a reasonable return route for those of us who wanted options. There were so few through-routes for east/west on a bike and having one closed really limited options.

2. I took a wrong turn right after the aid station and was in such a hurry that I didn't notice until I had gone a long way in the wrong direction. This is completely my own fault and once I realized how late I was going to be, I just enjoyed the ride. I rode 60km in the end.

Being on a gravel bike was totally fine except for the northeast corner. I avoided areas of the map that looked like they would cause problems for me (like rasti 97).

So my overall feedback is: great event, gorgeous terrain, well-placed rastis for the most part, even for a gravel bike.

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