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Competition invitation

Competition center

Metsäkouluntie 60, 31350 Liesjärvi (Eräkeskus Metsäkouluntie in Tammela). Guided tour of the center of Liesjärvi from road no. 2825.

The organizer of the competition is Lastiais-Hämeen Rasti.


Rogaining race on foot in three or six hour sets with teams of 1-5 people. This year, the teams in both series will be divided into women’s, men’s and mixed teams.


Pre-registration using the form (team name and members, as well as the series (3h / 6h) and emit number). Only one registration per team. When registering, it is advisable to indicate in advance if the team (or part of the team) intends to eat at Eräkeskus. Post-registration by e-mail by Friday, October 1, 2021 by 20:00 or at the competition center from 9:00 to 10:00.

Entry fee

Participation fee to the account of Lounais-Hämeen Rast FI03 5025 0240 0008 10, enter the team name and Rogaining in the message field.

Participation prices:

20 € / person by 31.6

30 € / person by 25.9

Late registration and late payments 40 € / person in cash or by presenting a receipt for an account transfer at the competition center. Post-registrations will be accepted as long as there are enough maps.



9:00 The race office opens.

10:00 Distribution of maps to teams / competitors.

11:00 Departure three-hour series

11:15 Departure six-hour series

14:00 The three-hour race time ends and the finish closes at 14:10 for the 3h series.

17:15 The six-hour race time ends and the finish closes at 17:25 for the 6h series.

19:00 The competition center will be closed.

Terrain and map

The competition area is Liesjärvi National Park and its surrounding areas. The map used is the National Land Survey's Terrain Map at a scale of 1:25 000. The map is A3 in size. The tick attributes are printed on the map.


Normal emit stamps in crosses. The crosses are scored according to their severity. The team with the most points is the winner. The team must move together all the time. At checkpoints, all team members must visit less than 10 meters from the checkpoint.


Participants are not insured on behalf of the event organizer. Everyone participates at their own risk.


Meals are not included in the competition fee, but Eräkeskus has the opportunity for affordable lunch from a standing table for about € 10. A more detailed menu will be announced later.

Learn more

Further information if necessary: ​​Jaakko Kuusinen 040 5272537 or Ari Ilola 040 5956644

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