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Competition instructions



Metsäkouluntie 60, 31350 Liesjärvi (Eräkeskus Metsäkouluntie in Tammela). The organizer of the competition is Lounais-Hämeen Rasti.




Rogaining navigation 3 hours or 6 hours on foot. The competition can be entered alone or as a team (1-5 people). Teams are divided into men's, women's and mixed teams. Orienteering takes place on foot, as in the national park, off-road cycling is restricted so much that it does not make sense to do a set of bikes.




Pre-registration and payment by 25.9 on the form (team name and members, as well as the series (3h / 6h) and emit number). If you know you will eat after the race in Eräkeskus' restaurant, you could also mention it when registering.

Post-registration by e-mail on Friday, October 1, 2021 at 20:00 or at the competition center from 9:00 to 10:00. If the team does not have an emit card, it can be rented from the competition office for € 2.


Entry fee


The competition fee is 20 € / person until 30.6, after which 30 € / person until 25.9.


Participation fee to the account of Lounais-Hämeen Rasti FI03 5025 0240 0008 10, enter the team name and Rogaining in the message field.

Post-registration until 1.10 and late payments 40 € / person will be paid in cash or by presenting a receipt for the account transfer at the competition center. Post-registrations will be accepted as long as there are enough maps.


Arrival at the competition center 3.10.2021


Guided tour of the center of Liesjärvi from road no. 2825.

Parking spaces are in the parking lot right next to the race center. Follow the instructions of the traffic controllers in the parking lot of Eräkeskus Metsäkouluntie.


9:00 In the Race Office, rental of Emit cards, registration of names and teams for late registrants, and possible changes to pre-registrations. Maps cannot be guaranteed for post-registrants. Pre-registered teams must also visit the registration office before the race to know who has left the field.

On the day of the race, there is no need to do business in the race office before the race, if the information announced by the team in advance has not changed.

10:00 Distribution of maps to teams / competitors of all series

11:00 3 hour series departure

11:15 Departure of the 6 hour series

14:00 The three-hour race time ends and the finish closes at 14:10 for the 3h series.

17:15 The six-hour race time ends and the finish closes at 17:25 for the 6h series.

19:00 The competition center will be closed


Competition material


Competitors in both series will be dealt maps and map plastics upside down in advance in advance. Competitors are allowed to turn in the right direction at 10:00, after which the three-hour serials have 1 hour to plan the route. In the six-hour series, the planning time is 1:15.

Competitors themselves should have pens or markers involved in route planning. 1 map / participant. Electronic aids must not be used in route planning.



Emit cards are reset either with the reset stamps at the starting point or with the reset stamp near the front door of the race center. A reset must be done, but it can only be done at any point before the start of the race.


The start of the three-hour series is at 11:00 next to the competition center. The six-hour series leaves the same place at 11.15. Late arrivals will not be refunded.


Terrain and map


The competition area is Liesjärvi National Park and its surrounding areas. The map used is the National Land Survey's Terrain Map at a scale of 1:25 000. The map is A3 in size. The tick attributes are printed on the map.

The route has lots of rhythmic paths and elongated trees that are very slippery in wet weather. Studded shoes or very comfortable cross-country running shoes are the recommended footwear for the race. The crosses are almost all on dry land, but the routes to the crosses may even pass through submerged bogs.

Checkpoints are mostly easy, but there are a few more demanding ticks on the map.

The path description of the terrain map of the National Land Survey of Finland has been supplemented in connection with field visits. However, there may be paths on the map that are no longer visible in the terrain. In addition, there may be unmarked trails in the area. In the area of ​​the national park, bogs are restored by blocking ditches, which can make it difficult to detect ditches in the terrain. Some of the restored ditches have been removed from the map. Also, some of the former forest roads in the area have been restored so that their passage is not as fast as on the road or path.

Prohibited areas marked on the map must not be exceeded. Going to point fields is prohibited.

The swamp between Hangaslampi and Iso-Katavalampi, which was marked as prohibited in 2017, and the ditch in Palosuo can be crossed this year, but they cannot be crossed with dry feet.

There are now significantly more houses and summer cottages in the competition area compared to previous years. There are a lot of plots, especially on the shores of lakes. It is very important to remember that going to the yards and plots of houses is strictly forbidden. Some plots and fields are also marked on the map as forbidden areas.


Team movement, navigation and safety


The team must move together throughout the race. The use of GPS devices as navigation aids is prohibited. The team (or the one navigating alone) must have a cell phone with them. Competitors have a duty to help in the event of an emergency. If the team has to assist other competitors in an emergency, their finish time can be extended by decision of the race director. The number of the race director is printed on the map.

Unlike previous years, you can walk and cross road 2 along the southwest edge of the map. But the deer fence along the road must not be crossed or undershot at any point. The fence has gates and openings at the junctions. Only those points are allowed to enter and leave the highway. The openings in the fence are marked on the map. If transported from the gate, the gate must be closed after passing. Crossing and walking on Road 2 requires special care.

In case of emergency, call the emergency number 112 or the competition director: Jaakko Kuusinen 040 5272537




The crosses have the Emit stamp. Only one emit card per team. The organizers have the opportunity to rent an emit card from the venue for € 2 (cash payment). Competitors must reset the emit card before departure at the starting point or with reset stamps near the front door.



The crosses have white-orange cross flags as well as normal emit stamps. There are 50 crosses in the terrain. Emit cards on the screen do not show the correct check mark at all check marks.

The team must move together all the time. At the cross, all team members must visit less than 10 meters from the cross.




There are no drinking troughs in the competition terrain. Competitors can leave their own drinking bottles and other items to be delivered by the organizer to two different service points. The Pirttilahti car park has already been used in previous years. The second service location will be XXXX. Both locations are marked on the map as service grids. Service checkpoints do not earn points and do not have check marks, but they are easily noticeable. Goods to be taken to service points must be left at the point marked next to the front door of the Wilderness Center. Next to the entrance there are separate places for Pirttilahti and XXXX service points. The organizer will deliver the goods taken to the service station back to the race center by 17.00. The organizer will pick up the goods from the service points at about 4.15 pm. That is, plan your route so that in the last hour of the six-hour series, the service point is no longer in use. If the three-hour serials leave their goods to be delivered to the service station, they can pick them up from the service points themselves after the race, if they are not at the competition center until 5 pm. Service points have no supervision during the race.

There are national park car parks and campfire sites with toilets. Toilet paper may not be present in toilets, so you may want to bring some paper with you in a waterproof bag. Parking spaces and campfire places are not marked on the map. There are toilets at least in the following places: south of Kyynäränharju in Savilahti and Kopinlahti, north of Kyynäräharju in Pirttilahti and a little further north in Siltalahti, in the shed of Peukalolammi and at Kaksvetinen hut. Routes used by competitors may pass near all of these locations.




The finish is located in the immediate vicinity of the competition center in the same place as the start. Upon arrival at the finish, a stamp must be made and then the emit card must be unpacked at the race office. The paint has two stamps slightly apart to make it easier to keep the safety gaps.

Remember that studded shoes must not be used indoors. The result service hopes that the emit card will be canceled before going to the laundry and eating.

If the team interrupts the competition, you must still register at the race office. And even in a short time you have time to collect more ticks.




The first number of the cross indicates how many points you get for that cross. That is, tick number 30 brings 3 points and tick 73 brings 7 points. The team with the most points is the winner. The order of the teams with the same score is determined by the time spent on the orienteering.

Point deductions for exceeding competition time


Two points will be deducted for each starting minute that exceeds the competition time. The goal closes in the three-hour race at 14:10 and in the six-hour race at 17:25. Teams arriving at the finish line after the goal is closed will be disqualified.




The results are published on the websites of Louna-Rogan and Lounais-Hämeen Rasti. The results include Total Points, Intervals at checkpoints and checkmark code equivalents. The results will also be printed out at the competition center for competitors to see near the front door.


Lottery prizes

Prizes will be drawn among all participants in the race, which can be picked up from the race office at the finish.



The organizers will describe the competition and pictures will be published on the event's website and Facebook page. Images will also be found at a higher resolution later. Images are free to use.


Facilities and services


Classrooms and lobby space are reserved for track design, equipment change and storage. Storage of equipment in the classrooms is possible at your own risk. Toilet and shower facilities are available to competitors.

The race fee includes a sauna after the race.

The wilderness center has a restaurant and café, which serves hot food until 18:30 throughout the day. The restaurant also has food available for competitors ’maintenance teams.

The use of stud shoes indoors is strictly prohibited.

Competitors are not insured on behalf of the organizer.


For more information, please contact: Jaakko Kuusinen, Director of the Competition 040 5272537 jaakko.uusinen (at) or from track master Ari Ilola 040 5956644 ari.ilola (at)

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